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Eliminate waste and maximise efficiency with bespoke cleaning stations.

Cleaning Stations

Tailored to your requirements

By customising shadow board cleaning stations to your exact needs, this ensures that they are of maximum effectiveness when implemented in your workspace.

Klipspringer’s in-house design team and production facilities means that all requirements can be incorporated, including company logo, colour scheme, non-standard equipment items and any wording or instruction messages.

Why implement Cleaning Station Shadow Boards?

Using the wrong cleaning utensils for the wrong job leads to unsatisfactory results, requires extra unnecessary effort and prematurely ages tools. Cleaning stations ensure the right tools are in the right place at the right time. Saves time, saves money, saves energy/effort.

With cleaning stations, missing equipment can be instantly identified. This facilitates better management and control of what’s in use, making sure it is returned/replaced as appropriate.

Correct storage prolongs equipment life reducing replacement costs.

Instantly see when cleaning utensils need replacing.

Whether by department, production line, or industry specific segregation such as allergens, cleaning stations stop cleaning equipment and tools wandering from where they should be.

Cleaning stations make it simple, by putting the right tools where they will be needed. This dramatically increases compliance and staff buy-in.

Cleaning stations promote the culture of care, employee engagement and ownership which are so important to making CI programmes a succes

Complete 5S with cleaning stations



stablish exactly which equipment items are required, removing anything unnecessary.



Establish exactly which equipment items are required, removing anything unnecessary.



Ensure working areas are regularly cleaned and kept uncluttered.



Implement the same improvements in all areas and across all shifts.



Assign responsibility to continually maintain and review standards.

Unbeaten on Quality

Both the cleaning stations and equipment items are exceptionally hard-wearing, for reliable use in even the harshest working environments.

From car and plane factories, to food manufacturing and retail, Klipspringer cleaning stations have a reputation for standing the test of time and rigour.

“The shadow boards provided have been a great help around the business. Probably the best I’ve had whilst working in the baking industry for over 30 years!” – Bakery, Supplying National Retailer

Find out why Tesco chose us as their partner to implement Cleaning Stations and equipment in every superstore nationwide.

Implement colour coding

Colour coding and cleaning stations go hand-in-hand to delivering the perfect 5S solution.

Unisan leads the way in colour coding with 11 distinct colours.Our extensive range of cleaning and small production utensils is the widest range of colour coding equipment available. You can be certain that your cleaning stations will be backed up the utensils most suitable for your tasks