We offer automatic vending to companies for the controlled distribution of items such as PPE or small equipment in the workplace. This guarantees the constant availability of the article in charge for each individual operator who will be responsible for procurement. The machine has a 12-storey rotating basket, each freely configurable in the number of sectors, able to contain from a minimum of 6 products up to a maximum of 36 products inside each shelf.


12 shelves each freely configurable. Internal modem to connect to our servers and send SMS (under escort or alarm). ISO7811 standard magnetic badge reader (alternatively Barcode or RFID) configurable according to the characteristics of the badges used by the company. Reinforced anti vandalism chassis. Label holder for product recognition. No keyboard to simplify picking operations. Survey and registration of “open door” for the control of recharging operations. Extensive graphical and numerical consumption reporting available online.


The machine has twelve rotating plates, each divided into max. 36 sectors. The sectors are made with suitable separators placed at choice every 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 degrees. Inside the machine a GSM modem has the task of communicating the sales data to a supervision center.
The application in question allows the free withdrawal of the products after swiping of the own badge (the same one used by the attendance detection system inside the company) by the users. The system allows the release of the products and stores the date and time of the completed transaction. The data is made available to the customer through a password, by accessing a dedicated website. In addition to sales data, on the online database it is possible to obtain a series of useful reports to better understand the flow of consumption.


Compartment configuration

Compartment Size A B
6 Divisions at 60° 85 330
12 Divisions at 30° 40 162
20 Divisions at 20° 26 108
24 Divisions at 15° 19 81
36 Divisions at 10° 10 50


Max capacity 432 products
Maximum capacity per plate 36 products
Minumum capacity per plate 6 products
Plates number 12
Average energy absorbed 50 W/h
Supply 230 Vac
Height 1830mm
Width 710mm
Depth 750mm
Weight 200 kg


The accessory cabinets, managed by a distributor, create an automatic company warehouse that is easy and intuitive to use. A complete report, in tabular and graphical form with the possibility of downloading at any time, avoids the paper filling out of coupons and the need for local data storage. In the case of bulky items there is the possibility of adding up to 8 cabinets to the dispenser. The accessory cabinet is controlled by a keypad or touch screen panel located on the vending machine, requiring only connection via a network cable.
With the touch screen panel distributor, it is possible to program the return as well as the withdrawal of the chosen item (indispensable, for example, for picking up equipment).


Sixteen independent compartments with the possibility of being opened several times (withdrawal / return function) according to the customer’s needs. Possibility of connecting up to 8 cabinets in series, controlled by the same microprocessor as the automatic distribritore.

Cabinet Dimensions

Height 1830mm
Width 750mm
Depth 50mm
Weight 140 kg

Single Compartment Size

Height 200mm
Width 750mm
Depth 45mm


The vending machines are configured according to the specific needs of each customer.
The data storage system on an online database allows a simple installation that does not include connections to the internal local network (intranet) and does not require specific software packages to be installed. Online access is allowed to any PC / smartphone with a password with internet connection.


Thanks to the registration of each transaction, the traceability of the withdrawals is guaranteed over time and waste is easily identified. Continuous adjustment of consumption limits reduces expenses. The loading of the machine is simple and is requested by the distributor himself, via SMS in the event of an under-escort limit reached. The availability of the article in charge is guaranteed every day at any time.


The vending machine releases the products to the staff in charge. The operator uses his personal badge (magnetic or bar code) and chooses the desired product. The company can limit consumption by product and withdrawal authorizations, based on the needs of each employee. The machine releases the product and records the transaction data (release date and time, product, employee number) in an online database. The system owner can consult the data by accessing a specific website through a personal password and export them in excel formats, pdf.

Through the GSM model, the distributor is able to send some alarm text messages to a maximum of three operators, in particular they are reported: machine in error, door open, plate empty or under escort.
The machine can be programmed to limit consumption when maximum collection thresholds are reached.
System advantages:
Consumption can be consulted from any location or smartphone connected to the internet.
In the case of multiple establishments, a central manager will be able to access the consumption data of all the machines at each location.
– It is not necessary to set up an intranet LAN socket on each distributor and it can be moved geographically without any additional electrical intervention.
– The company intranet is not subject to any external access and its inviolability is maintained.
– The data is stored on the site for 3 years (subsequently it must be archived by the server manager on optical support) and does not require special archiving to the customer.
The possibility of different password levels allows access to data both to the final customer and to the service manager, keeping the company intranet untouched.
No management software package to be installed on the customer’s computer.


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